Why Building Endurance and Stamina is Crucial at a young age:

In a world dominated by sedentary lifestyles and technology, the importance of fitness cannot be overstated. Developing good exercise habits early on sets the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle. An important aspect of fitness for young kids is building endurance and stamina. We will explore why putting time into improving endurance and stamina during the developing years of your young child is crucial for their overall well being.

First thing is being able to establish healthy habits. Having a routine with regular exercise will help them develop discipline and commitment to bettering themselves. That discipline will also carry into other parts of their lives in a positive way.  Starting these habits at a young age allows for them to have a better chance in carrying these habits as they get older. 

Improving endurance and stamina is very closely related to cardiovascular health. Having an exercise routine that elevates the heart rate will help strengthen the heart as well as improve blood circulation. Having this base will allow for the risk of cardiovascular diseases to go down in adulthood and as they get older. Starting them young will help them develop a strong and healthy heart.

With childhood obesity on the rise, focusing efforts on fortifying endurance and stamina could help with weight management. Having activities that improve their metabolism can help them maintain a healthy body weight as they get older. A healthy body weight looks a little differently from person to person. Being able to figure that out at a young age will help them navigate what their body is capable of doing and what they might need to do in order to improve that from a weight perspective.

The mental side of building endurance and stamina is just as important as the physical benefits. Having to overcome physical challenges and pushing their mental and physical limits will help them build resilience. Building resilience will allow them to realize they can do hard things in exercise and deal with the hard things life will throw at them. 

Encouraging young individuals to improve their endurance and stamina through exercise sets them up for good health and a good life. Remember starting young is an investment into their future self. Life starts to become a little easier as you start to improve these two things. Building their health and wellness is a very rewarding achievement that should not be neglected.

At JCFit, we have 2 kids programs; for 5-11 year olds and 11-16 year olds. The younger ones meet on a Saturday morning at 11.30am and the older ones have classes on Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm and Saturday at 12pm.  For more information, visit our website or email or just show up at one of the times above for a free intro class.

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