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After 29 years in banking, I decided to turn my relatively newfound passion for fitness into a new career and I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to buy the gym where I’d been a member for 3 years – CrossFit Jersey City.

My weight had been creeping up gradually and many of my friends with similar lifestyles were starting to take cholesterol medication. At my heaviest, I was about 245lbs – I had a dad bod before it became a #! I’d always played a lot of sports – soccer (football where I’m from), golf, cricket, skiing but going to the gym bored me. I had no idea what I was doing so I would run a mile, slowly, on the treadmill, do some bicep curls and on my way out look at all those machines that I didn’t know how to use or what they were supposed to do for me.

Then I came across a CrossFit gym, thought it looked interesting and gave it a go. Unlike many, I didn’t love it immediately but I did see some results. A consistent routine, where someone else was showing me what to do, and more awareness of my nutrition combined to reverse the weight gain and ultimately turn that dad bod into something that gave me more confidence to workout with my shirt off.

When I bought the gym, I did it with the vision of wanting to make Jersey City the healthiest city in America. With recent events highlighting the increased vulnerability of those that aren’t taking care of their health and fitness, that vision is more important than ever.

Founder of JCFit
Russell Francis | OWNER

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