CrossFit for Kids

CrossFit has gained popularity as a dynamic fitness regimen, not only for adults but increasingly for children. However, like anything physically demanding on the body, concerns and misconceptions about safety may arise. In this blog post we will take a look at the world of CrossFit for kids by addressing those concerns and dispelling a common myth to provide a well-rounded understanding for parents.

CrossFit Kids is designed to improve the general physical preparedness (GPP) of young people and set them up for a lifetime of fitness. A growing human being needs to have GPP. They need to have the ability to jump and roll and tumble and pull and push, and it all has to be fun. The program is about broad, general, inclusive fitness, and making fitness fun is a major focus.

As children are spending more and more time on electronic devices, are more isolated from their peers after two years of a pandemic and are now given the least amount of structured P.E. time in elementary and middle schools than ever before, CrossFit is not just an option, it may be the perfect solution. 

When taught appropriately, with specific CrossFit Kids programming, it will teach them amazing body awareness. They will learn the foundational mechanics of Olympic lifting and gymnastics.  They will create the beginning of a life filled with a healthy passion for physical activity and proper nutrition.  And hopefully through this process they also have a ton of fun!

CrossFit for children and young adults is an amazing answer to help battle childhood obesity, type II diabetes, depression, anxiety, ADHD and even asthma.  The positive physical benefits through exercise coupled with proper nutrition and adequate sleep will benefit adults and children alike.  This information is very well documented and very well received as common knowledge among the fitness and non fitness communities alike.  If you research online you will be hard pressed to find any literature that disputes these facts.  What is not as nearly well documented is the positive benefits of a tribe or community like CrossFit and what a sense of belonging to this type of group, clan or team can do for a child’s mental and emotional development.  

Here are some of things your child will transfer from a CrossFit class to their everyday lives:

Math skills!  – young kids see an improvement in math and counting skills at a very young age by participating in CrossFit.  Remembering rep schemes, rounds in workouts and weights used in a class all force practical application in mathematics skills.  

Tidying up! – just like our adults in class, our youth athletes must wipe down and put away their weights and equipment. The consistent messaging of taking care of their own equipment and other peoples equipment translates to the completion of chores and tasks needed to be done at home or at school. 

Respect for others – we have members from a wide variety of backgrounds including age, gender, race, skill levels and sometimes even physical or mental disabilities.  We are all different in this world and having our youth be exposed to this at an early age is so important. Our CrossFit Kiids are encouraged to pair up for warm ups, lifting and skill sections of class and even in partner and team workouts with those that are different than themselves.  The opportunity to workout and interact with peers that don’t just look and act like themselves will make them better well rounded humans for the rest of their lives. 

Goal setting – at a very young age our athletes identify skills and movements that they can’t do. To acquire new skills will require practice and training.  Whatever task, small or large, our kids want to complete, CrossFit will help teach them to set a goal and work towards it.

Learn how to compete (and win and lose) – we are born with an element of competitiveness, it’s in our DNA. When properly trained and fostered within a healthy outlet, competitiveness is a strong skill that will help drive successful young adults in school, in athletics and also later on in their careers.  In our younger kids classes, scores and results are rarely spoken about or recorded. We are more focused on teaching and developing proper mechanics and consistency.  As children establish the proper skills needed to increase intensity, competition naturally occurs.  When competing sometimes you win and sometimes you lose and that’s ok. We support and celebrate the last person finishing as much as the first!  This needs to be taught to our youth from the very beginning. Not that winning is everything, but that losing teaches us what we need to work on.  The ability to do both and use both opportunities to get better as an athlete and a person is what is important.  

Mental and emotional strength – completing challenging tasks at any age will improve perseverance and mental fortitude.  We must not run away from challenges or try to eliminate them from our lives but face them. With physical and more importantly mental and emotional toughness we must continuously expose ourselves to the stimulus to allow it to help us grow and improve.  CrossFit will make kids feel uncomfortable because it takes them out of their comfort zone.  But that feeling of uncomfortability will help them grow into tough little CrossFitters.

None of the above would be possible without a qualified coach for a CrossFit Kids program. Coaches receive specialized training before being able to work with kids and adults. There are many great coaches out there with tons of knowledge and experience. That is one reason as to why your child will be safe at all times. Coaches are also very good at tailoring the workouts for every individual’s needs. Most people believe that CrossFit is a one size fits all type of approach. We as coaches understand that everyone is a little different and may need something else to be able to succeed and see progress at their own pace. Coaches also see and correct if a movement is not being done correctly. Once again safety is the first priority, so making sure they are in a safe and supportive environment is what a coach will provide for them.

One common misconception we hear often is that “CrossFit is too intense”. CrossFit for kids is always adapted to be age appropriate. A proper CrossFit program has a warm up and a cool down which allows for kids to see how they are feeling but also allows for them to dictate their intensity for the day. Proper preparation and recovery is something that coaches emphasize and make sure is done every session to ensure your child is safe. The main thing for young children starting CrossFit is to make sure they are having fun while also engaging in activities that promote movement, coordination, and strength without excessive strain. 

CrossFit Kids is a great place for your child to start their physical journey. They learn proper movement safely while developing themselves physically and mentally. Through proper guidance and a commitment to safety, CrossFit can offer a fun and safe environment to fitness while still challenging them.

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