Unwritten Rules of the Gym

Covid Workout

I’m sure you have certain pet peeves when it comes to gym etiquette. (We all do!) Here are a few points that I would like to share with you for everyone’s safety:

  1. Be mindful with spatial awareness:

Look around you before you start throwing down. Is the space around you clear from loose weights, people, animals and other objects? Could you safely bail out of a lift or drop a weight without slipping or hitting anyone, including yourself? My own accidents have actually been involving kettlebells and dumbbells bouncing off the floor. Fortunately I only hurt myself, ouch!

  1. Leave the phone! 

There is nothing worse than a coach looking at their phone during class, and neither should you. If you got that PR-feeling, sure, go ahead and video it by all means. But texting, talking, checking social media, or even emails can wait. You are wasting your time in the gym if you are distracted by that stuff. Save the selfies for post workout!

Your momma doesn’t work in the gym; and even if she does, she would still tell you to pick up after you! 

  1. Put things back after you are done, clean up, and wipe down your station.
  1. Ask questions if you are not sure about something, tell your coach how you are doing today, and ask fellow participants how their day is going so far!
  1. Don’t freak out if you don’t get your favourite rower in the room and things don’t line up perfectly. Sometimes these things happen, try to make the best of it.
  1. Personal hygiene

As if we shouldn’t have known this before current times, but I have seen it happen: Don’t wipe sweat on things other than your personal towel or T-shirt. Don’t blow your nose without disposing of the tissues and wash your hands after. Don’t spit, cough, or be a chalk monster. It’s not cool and you will not get sexy points for that.

  1. Don’t bring babies and puppies into workout areas – for everyone’s safety! 

Can you think of any other “unwritten rules”? Share your thoughts!

Stay safe and have a great workout,

Maria Coley, CCFT L-3

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