How To Stay Motivated

How To Stay Motivated

…or, rather, how to stay consistent!  Because motivation is result-driven, once you see and feel positive progress, you are inclined to continue on that path.

But how do you get over that threshold and start making it a habit?

I am going to start with being nice 🙂 

Not feeling like working out happens to everybody at some point. Whether it’s due to injury, personal issues, stress, or general external or internal factors (bad weather, sleeping in, extreme soreness), IT IS OKAY. I have been there.

Take a day or a week off. Go do something else. Turn off social media. Perhaps you are doing too much and feel burnt out. However, if you are going to get any results you have to put the work in on a regular basis. 

My top tips for getting it done are as follows:

  • Do it anyway.

Usually if you just show up and get started, you can push through and sometimes even surprise yourself. The session may not be the greatest you’ve ever had, but what will it matter in a hundred years (as my grandma said). The point is that you still did something, and hopefully you feel a little better after you are done.

  • Man up. 

Most of us live a physically comfortable life with no major manual labor. If you can’t muster up to move your body for 30-60 min (even 10!!) then I’m going to say it: You’re soft. Our bodies are built to move and there are people out there who put a lot of work in simply because they HAVE TO. You have the privilege to choose, so make it happen captain!

  • Make it enjoyable. 

Okay, yes – there are some horrific WODs, no doubt. So make sure that you have some company that will suffer with you. Plus, it’s always fun with some friendly trash talk and support from others. Set a date with a gym buddy, do a partner wod, and join the chats. Keep others accountable that way YOU have to lead with an example! Surrounding yourself with likeminded people helps a lot.

  • Set a goal. 

You can do this together with your coach, or you can sign up for a competition/ set a date for a special occasion. Make sure you have a big goal – this could be something beyond your wildest dreams, and then break it down from there. Map it out over a realistic time period in achievable chunks, and set small rewards along the way. Jotting down your daily activities and how you feel can help keep you on track too. Identify as a person who gets it done. You’ve got this no matter what!

  • Lastly, I like to add some advice for the at-home workouts:
    • Play music or motivational podcasts that you really like
    • Get someone in your household to join you (bonus: charge a drop-in fee)
    • Time your workouts. Keep yourself accountable to that clock. Count your breaks: “after a 3-5 second rest, I am going to go again!”
    • Get some gym swag or snag a new piece of equipment
    • Zoom with a buddy and do a partner workout.
    • Plan your workout, schedule it into your day. 

If you have any other ideas or like to share a story that inspires you, I would love to hear it. Hope that helps.. get after it!

Written by: Maria Coley CCFT-L3

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